Let me create a personal fairy tale for you or someone you love.

Show your loved one’s inner light
Through their life story rooted in a new fairy tale.
The story creates a sense of well-being
Affirming a life as lived in a way the heart can hear






Here's a sample:




Once upon a time a long, long time ago in a place far, far away it just kept raining. Cobblestone streets were filled with puddles. Everything was wet and smelled wet. Days were various shades of gray. Rats scurried around, their tails leaving a trail of water behind. Dampness soaked into everything. A family of turtles found their way into the city, hopelessly lost. They had wandered far from home. The puddles were never deep enough. Food was scarce. They were slow. The pace of the city was confusing and they did what they could to survive.

One of the younger turtles poked her head out from beneath her shell. She smelled the air and tasted the rain. Something was missing. What was it? Right now it was a whisper from the wind. A memory stirred as fleeting as the breeze.

She was a curious one and often went exploring alone. Her pace was a little bit faster than the rest of her family. As she turned a corner, she ran into a frog who had lived in the neighborhood for a long time. Turtle asked if there was any water around deeper than a puddle. He said, “Absolutely!” He slowed his hop down, so she could keep up. They arrived at a small pond. “I’ll race you,” she said. He looked at her shocked! He didn’t believe that the word “race” was even in her vocabulary. Then he chuckled to himself. No one had ever beat him in the water, let alone this pokey turtle. The race was on. They both jumped in. She felt great and soon glided past a disbelieving frog. Once in the water she was powerful, graceful, fast and happy. She began coming to the pond every day, but there was still this gnawing sense that still something was missing. Everyday she learned something new and everyday was an adventure. Her family refused to turn the corner, but no one could stop her from going.

Time passed. Now she had many friends to encourage her. She became known as the adventuress. Bird came by one day and told her stories that his father had told him, which were told to him by his father, which were told to him by his father. They were stories of a place called “the sea”. It was a place where the sun shone and one could swim and never touch bottom, but also had many dangers. Something stirred inside our turtle and her heart did a flip-flop. Nothing could be more dangerous than staying put. It would be an adventure and she was an adventuress. She left her family guided solely by a story from a bird.

It was hard and slow going and she hid in her shell often. But one day the ground became warm and soft and sandy. There was a new fragrance in the air. She looked up and there was water as far as she could see. She approached cautiously, then she dove in! She swam until she tired, then sunned herself on nearby rocks. The water felt perfect. It had a taste, the missing something, salt. She played and explored her new home. She was an adventuress. As she gained confidence, she went out even further. Zipping by her came a sleek creature with large brown eyes and an invitation to play. She introduced herself. “I’m seal and I am an adventuress.” Turtle couldn’t believe her ears. “Me too,” she said. They played and explored together, both the happiest they had ever been. Then one day turtle dove down further than ever before and disappeared. She reached the bottom of the ocean floor and began exploring alone. She went into the netting of a wooden crate and couldn’t get out. She was trapped. Seal eventually saw her, but turtle was too far down. She kept herself in sight so turtle would not feel alone, then went back home to see if anyone cold figure out what to do. Word was sent to other sea turtles. This was not good. Seal ached for turtle, but she was free to come and go. She made sure she swam as close as she dared, so turtle wouldn’t give up.

One day a boat came by and men hauled up the trap. They saw turtle and threw her back into the sea. As she rested with a family of sea turtles, seal approached. They went off together and all the old feelings returned. “Forgive me for not doing more,” said turtle. They swam off to seal’s old haunts and settled down. “Every once in a while I might have to turn a corner,” said turtle. “We’ll do it together,” said seal.

Deborah eve freedman ©2010



Deborah is the co-founder of MOOSE (Maine Organization Of Storytelling Enthusiasts)
We have gathered together tellers of tales and listeners who love a good, well crafted story since 2001. We meet every month in Portland on the second Wednesday at 7 pm in the Portland Public Library in Monument Square. There are now chapters in Farmington and Mt. Desert Island.
As an affiliate of the National Storytelling Network in Jonesborough, Tenn., we put on a Tellabration every year, an evening event done all over the country celebrating storytelling for adults, eight tellers, one host.


You Tube Videos
YouTube video from Deborah's performance at the 2013 Tellebration in Portland hosted by Michael Parent.


YouTube Video Storyteller Debb Freedman performing some moments at the Benefit Storytelling Cabaret Dinner held at Old South Church, Saturday, May 8th, 2010.