"We value the work you did for us and reference it frequently as we are discussing work with our clients and each other."

– Melissa McCain, Senior Consultant, the Chartis Group

I founded MOOSE (Maine Organization of Storytelling Enthusiasts). It brings local tellers together. You can go to www.moosetellers.ning.com for current events.

I perform a one woman Peter Pan.


BA in History; BS in Art Education; MA in Adult Education; Therapeutic Storytelling Certificate

Publications: LANES Museletter (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling) 1996 and 2007; Healing Arts Alliance Newsletter (part of the National Storytelling Network in Jonesboro, Tennessee) 2002: Maine Arts Commission Magazine 2003; Inner Tapestry, a holistic journal, 2004 and 2009; Earthrest Newsletter 2008.

I have taught workshops on how to create fairy tales at Maine College of Art Cont. Ed., Portland, Maine; University of Southern Maine Cont. Ed., and Sharing the Fire, a New England storytelling conference in Boston.

Spring of 2009 I am doing a workshop at Sharing the Fire and a 6 week class at USM Cont. Ed. on Creating Fairy Tales: Life as lived is Enchantment. I am also envisioner and Project Director for Folk Tales for Life, a one evening, one day immersion into folk tales for adults in the greater Portland area, June 4 and 5, 2009. The Project was awareded a National Storytelling Network matching grant and it was chosen to represent the Northeast region.

"I have an understanding that the capacity for storytelling is limitless in all of us and is a time honored gift."

– Workshop participant.