Deborah was a quilter. As a result of a moment, she began to help others take their images and transform them onto fabric to create a panel to join the national Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. She travelled throughout Maine for over ten years sharing panels and stories. As the experiences were written some morphed into fairy tale, which led her down another path.


Sept 2015 brought her to Oxford University. She was invited to present a paper on creating fairy tale at a global conference on Reflecting on Story in Our Lives, put on by An ebook resulted.


March 2016 she was asked back to present at a Storytelling, Illness and Medicine global conference in Budapest. An ebook resulted.


August 2016 she was asked to submit a chapter for a hard cover book based on her March presentation. The new focus is The Voice of the Storyteller and Healing.

"What a gift you have to make others so happy at a difficult occasion. I was delighted with the story and will remember it always."

– Ellie Berry after her husband George's memorial service.