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Moments from Portland



Moments from Portland, Maine are a tribute to life. They illuminate how we are embraced by the world in unexpected ways. When we walk out our door, watch and listen, we can receive a delicious delight. The story spell has begun.

$9.95 Pages: 41
ISBN: 978-1-938883-54-5





Names Project


Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Stories from Maine are a tribute to the courage and love of the anonymous panel maker. Each image and word applied to the panel shines as a beacon of love. For over ten years I stitched, listened, shared, and received stories. Welcome to the world of the Quilt, where there is only love, it’s noble to cry, and no one is alone. The story spell has begun.

$14.95 Pages: 50
ISBN: 978-4-938883-55-2



Night Sky


The Night Sky is Full of Stars. The Air is Full of Wishes - The fairy tale is a tribute to the ancient harmony of the world as experienced through the heart. When humanity fails us, we have another place to go. We can find a place where we belong, are good enough just the way we are, where bountiful love has found us, expanding its definition and we come back whole.

$9.95 Pages: 52
ISBN: 978-1-93888-56-9